Twiggy Bird and the Butterfly

I know you know that I have an etsy shop called Smart-Bottom Kids. I know you know because I'm always all linking to it on the sly like that right there. And then I'm always all craft kits this and craft kits that and craft kits blah blah blah. 

And you're all "No way! I'm totally not going to look at anymore of your dang craft kits because I totally saw when you got your 1st neutral feedback where the lady said your Easter Eggs are thin and your Christmas Trees are spongy EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ALL MADE FROM DIFFERENT COLORS OF THE EXACT SAME CARDSTOCK!" WHATEVER!

Phew! I think I needed to get that out of my system. I'm done now. It's okay. Really. You can stop peeking through your fingers at the screen.

Anyway! Did you know that I also have a super secret etsy shop called And Then? Well, I do! Because I like to be all mysterious like that. 

Are you dying to know why I named my shop And Then? Because of this:

 (click on the title to see it bigger and make sure you watch the whole thing! It's frickin hilarious yo!)

Anyway, a long time ago I created this piece of mixed-media art and let my son name it. He was 4. He named it: "Roxy Bird and the Butterfly." And then I stuck it in my super secret etsy shop

Well, a very cool mom saw it and loved it. She is in the process of decorating a nursery for her baby girl. The only issue is that her baby's nursery walls are already pink. And she really wanted a piece of artwork that would stand out more. So she asked that I make the same basic scene, but switch the colors around.

So I did it! Introducing: "Twiggy Bird and the Butterfly."

Can you see why I named this one Twiggy? Her eyes remind me of the model from the 60s! 

I love it! And she loves it! I'm so thrilled to be able to create something that will be lovingly placed in the sweetest room in the house. It's a happy thing.

And go check out my super secret shop! You totally want to. Just admit it.