I love Expotv.com - Rave and Review

Hey all, I just wanted to take a moment to talk to you about a site and program that I love and that I think you will love too. If you're like me and you always have something to say and always like to share with your friends and family info about a product you love or tried or if you're the person that people go to for recommendations for what they should try then Expotv.com is for you! EXPOtv lets you share your honest opinion about the things you buy with allowing you to make little 2-3 minute videos about what you'd like to share or rave or vent about and they will make your video available to others across the web looking for authentic consumer information.

You can talk about electronics in your videos!

Computers & Accessories

You can talk about clothing or accessories in your videos!

Clothing & Accessories

You can talk about your favorite food brands, laundry detergeant, soaps, house hold items...

Basically anything you can buy you can post a video for on Expotv.com!

Kitchen & Housewares

Also another bonus is you earn points for sharing your honest, unbiased opinions about the products you own. You can respond to a variety of consumer topics and surveys that Expotv will send you and respond to whether or not you'd like to take part in sharing your opinion in a video post and they give you a date and how many points you will earn and you just post your video with the product and that's it! You're done.

Then you can redeem the points for gift cards to stores like amazon.com and other great stores or get other amazing gear at the EXPO Store.

Free stuff for a two minute video...How great is that? I love it!

Also every month EXPOtv offers ways for members to get more involved -- whether it is by answering questions from consumers doing product research or by referring friend to the site. And when you do, you are entered in to monthly drawings where you can win Amazon Gift Cards.

You get freebies all around from Expotv.com just for being a great member! Yay. They also connect you with great companies to Try Products!

They call it "Tryology." It's an exclusive EXPOtv program where you qualify to try new products - sometimes before they hit store shelves. You get to try New Products for Free just for being a member!

They'll match you with products based on your interests and responses to surveys they send you. I love the tryology program. It's allowed me to try and review great products from companies like Pantene! They have tryologies for everything including electronics. You just have to fill out the survey and hopefully if you qualify you will get to take part in reviewing an amazing new product!

Like right now the tryology program is featuring the HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer! Amazing right! HP is inviting EXPO members to try the Photosmart Premium All-in-One Printer in the newest Tryology Program. So hurry up and Become a member of the EXPO community today to see if you qualify to try and review this amazing printer for FREE.


So get out your cameras and start expressing your opinions! Join Expotv.com and have a blast and get free stuff in the process. Feel free to click where it say click here to join to be directed straight to the expotv.com website or click my expotv.com button on my right side bar. I promise you won't regret it! I know I love it and I'm sure you will too!

Thanks everyone for allowing me to share my love of Expotv.com with you and thanks again for following my blog!

**Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated or given anything to write this post. I simply wanted to share my love of Expotv.com so that my readers could be aware of a fabulous program that I love and take part in.**

CLOSED -Stay Proud and Dry with Stride Everyday-Review and Giveaway!

Hey all, So I know this is not the best subject that women like to talk about, but it's about time that women like myself, should not be ashamed to talk about what's going on with our bodies and it's functions anymore and just vent our frustrations and be proud to speak out.

Now how many of you have had kids or have a low bladder or just notice that as you get older that you're becoming more and more fearful or drinking liquids during the day because you may sneeze or you may find something funny and laugh really hard, which will cause you to leak onto your lovely, sometimes brand new underwear? If you're learning to deal with incontinence like I am then this is the post for you.

I know what it's like to have to constantly wear pantiliners and go to the Urologist to try to seek help or a cause for it only to be given the response like hey you had a kid or you're getting old now so it's catching up to you now or your bladder is lowering and I can put a piece of plastic inside you to lift your bladder so you don't leak anymore. NO THANK YOU!

I have been seeking something to help me solve this issue I'm sure a lot of you ladies who follow my blog are dealing with  as well, and I think I may have found the answer to our prayers. STRIDE EVERYDAY underwear with built in panty’s liners offer discreet protection and the answer to our prayers ladies.

Down with the pantyliners and rejoice for STRIDE Everyday! Now you can feel sexy again wearing your underwear without having to worry about having to place pantiliners on. The Stride Everyday line includes five stylish options, from a Seamless panty to a Lacy Thong, which provide an array of choices for women who want the freedom, comfort and confidence to wear their prettiest panties every day. I know I do!

The STRIDE Everyday collection was created by a mom named Wendy Spencer who was dealing with the issue of stress incontinence after the birth of her son.

Wendy thought it was wrong for women to have to hide this issue forever and just sit back and deal deal with it. She thought let’s embrace this part of being a woman and set out with a strong R&D partner to design the patented fabric technology and permanently built it into the panty’s gusset. The patented technology is revolutionary in its super-absorbent ability to wick moisture from the top layer, absorb and deodorize...so you and your clothes stay dry.

I commend Wendy for taking this stance and for creating these life saving amazing panties. I have been using them and have not had any issues with the panty thus far. They are soft, comfortable, and pretty! And most importantly it doesn't look or feel like you are wearing those pesky pantiliners!

This panty is machine-washable, UP TO 100 WASHES WITH A SINGLE PANTY, and features a patented multi-layer fabric technology, designed to absorb up to an ounce of moisture, and they also  naturally deodorize for a fresh feeling all day long.  The inner liner is leakproof and breathable to protect the most stylish outfits from “accidents”, whether it’s sweating during hot yoga, walking in the park or wearing a slinky little black dress.

STRIDE Everyday panties, are registered for Class One FDA clearance, and are also environmentally-responsible and wallet friendly.  The STRIDE Everyday can save women more than $125 per year, compared to daily disposable pantiliner usage! That's a lot of money to save ladies and you know I love saving money!  Especially in these hard economic times, we all need to find a way to save money.

And I'm trying to be more eco-friendly and the idea of filling up waste dumps with desposible pantiliners for the rest of my life doesn't sound eco-friendly to me. Using STRIDE Everyday panties can also help reduce the billions of disposable pads and pantiliners sent to landfill every year! For all you eco-freinedly Moms or Moms attempting to be eco-friendly that is a big impact on the environment that we can help reduce by simply using this panty.

The panties are Free of seams, waistband or leg elastic, the Seamless panty is STRIDE Everyday’s most popular offering, providing discreet protection and eliminating the need for both pantiliners and panty lines.  So they are perfect to wear under your sexy black little dresses for a night out on the town with the girls, when you get a second to yourself away from the family.

STRIDE Everyday panties range in price from $19.99 to $24.99! Which I think is reasonably priced being that you don't have to spend money on pantiliners anymore. For more information on STRIDE Everyday, visit StrideEveryday.com.

Or if you go to their site and would like to purchase yourself some undies, STRIDE would like to offer my readers Free shipping on Orders over $30 by using this promo code when you go to their site and get your own panties. You simply put in this code when you check out: STRIDE622.

YAY free shipping! This code expires November 30th, 2010, so hurry up and get your STRIDE EVERYDAY panties. You can't just own one panty obviously, so feel free to get an assortment of their variety of lovely panties with leak proof protection!

STRIDE Everyday offers a solution for all kinds of women and is even an Editor's pick for Shape Magazine. They truly are a fabulous panty!

And Guess what?

STRIDE would love to give ONE of my lucky Readers ONE STRIDE EVERYDAY PANTY in a style of their choice! Yay! So you too can enjoy the freedom of leaving your pantyliners behind for good. Like I have! I love these panties and I'm sure you will too!


ONE STRIDE EVERYDAY PANTY in a style of your choice!




Visit StrideEveryday.com and leave a comment telling me what style of panty you'd like to have!

That's all you have to do to enter, but if you'd like some additional bonus entries do the following and LEAVE A COMMENT for each additional entry you do.



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Good luck to all who enter!

**Disclosure: I was given a Stride Everyday Panty to try in order to run this Review and Giveaway. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. Results may vary per person on products. Again this experience with this product is my own.**

CLOSED-Amazing Tees at Amazing Prices! Crazydogtshirts.com- Review & Giveaway!

Hey All! How many of you love to buy and wear funny, vintage, or 80's t-shirts? Well I know me and my family do. Sometimes it can be a little pricey to buy some of these tees, espcially if your buying them for a family like I am. I have to get myself,  the teen,  the non-hubby, ugh so much money to spend. So I search online for the tees I'd like to buy. I've been searching these days even more because the Holidays are coming and I usually buy my family some tees for Christmas. On my search for the perfect 80's and Zombie tees I discovered Crazydogtshirt.com.

Rejoice my lovely readers as I have found the best store to buy your tees! Crazy dog has the best prices and the best selection and variety of tees I've seen on the web! The have tees for everyone in your family, even your furry friends can get a doggy tee on the site. If you're having a family Reunion and want to get custom tees made or are holding an event you can design and order your tees to be made on their site since they also make tees on the site. I think that is super awesome! I wish I would have known about this site a few years ago as we held a family reunion for my family and had tees made that said THE DIAZ CLAN on them and they came out OK, but I'm sure they probably would have been made better and I would have gotten a better price with Crazydogtshirts.com.

I also grew up in the 80's and I still love that decade, so half my t-shirts consist of having some sort of 80's reference on them. So you could imagine my joy when I discovered the great selection of 80's and Vintage tees they have on this site.

They have Back to the Future tee's!

They have The Karate Kid tees! And I'm talking the Original Daniel Son Karate Kid. Not that crappy remake that just came out. I hate it when they destroy my beloved 80's movies! I digress...

They have E.T. Tees. E.T. is one of my favorite movies of all time!

And last but not least MY FAVORITE TEES THAT I FOUND ON THE SITE! They have GIZMO and GOONIES t-shirts! OMG. LOVE IT.

I actually got the Gizmo tee for myself! I have been looking for a cute Gizmo tee for awhile and I'm happy to say my search is finally over! I couldn't resist the Gizzy!

They also have a variety of TV and Movie shirts from every decade including shows and movies from today. Like my favorites True Blood and The Hangover! I wish I wold have gotten that hangover baby tee for my Non-Hubby before we went to Vegas last month. That would have been hysterical to see him wear.

My Teen is obsessed with all things Zombie. Everything is about being ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. I don't know why Zoombies and these Zombie Apocalypse books and games are so popular these days, but I was happy to see they had an array of Zombie t-shirts for the Zombie obsessed like my teen is. I got him and in case of a zombie apocalypse tee that says "choose your weapon" and has pics of a chainsaw, etc. The stuff you use to kill zombies apparently.

They also have great deals like a $6.99 daily tee sale where they pick t-shirts from the site each week and feature them for the week for only $6.99. If you order the tees from the $6.99 deal in sizes XXL and 3XL it only costs an additional $1! The $6.99 deal changes a few times a week, so be sure to check back often to see what tee is $6.99 now or sign up for their emailer for updates on current deals!

They also have a mystery tee you can order if you're feeling adventurous with your t-shirt shopping or $9.99 sale going on right now.

I can't talk about all the great tees they have on the site! There is just too much to go through and not enough time in the day to talk about the tees. You will have to check it out for yourself to see. I love the variety of t-shirts Crazydogtshirts.com has to offer. Hurry over to their website and see what great tees you can find for yourself and your family. I promise you that you will find something you love!


The kind folks at Crazydogtshirts.com would like to giveaway to ONE of my fabulous readers EITHER ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: Either your choice of the Free Mystery Tee in a Mens size or a Free $15 Gift Card that you will receive via email to select the tee of your choice!

Again if you win you get to choose which kind of prize you want! YAY GIVEAWAYS!

Now Crazydogtshirts.com holds their own giveways all the time so you cannot have won a shirt from them or have been sent a shirt for promotional purposes from them in the last 90 days. If you have you are not eligible to win or enter this giveaway. 


Mandatory Entry!

Got to the Crazydogtshirts.com website by clicking here. And browse through all the great t-shirts they have. Come back and LEAVE A COMMENT telling me which t-shirt you love to have from their site.

That's all you have to do to enter...but if you'd like additional entries:

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I'm sure you will love your t-shirt from Crazydogtshirts.com just as much as I do!

Good luck to all who enter and thanks so much for following my blog!

** Disclosure: I was given a t-shirt samples from Crazydogtshirts.com in order to write this review and run this giveaway. I was not compensated or paid in any other form to share this information or to have this giveaway. Winner will be chosen at Random and Prize will be fulfilled and shipped to the winner by Crazydogtshirts.com.**

    Shrimp Dip REcipe

    Shared from Franklin over on the Forum

    The View From Here

    When we lived in Iowa, Peyton's school was 20 minutes away from our house. I didn't mind the drive, because it was beautiful.

    In the winter it was a steering-wheel-gripping adventure. We drove on icy roads:

    See the tire tracks? If you didn't stay on those, you were extremely likely to go sliding around.

    We drove under a train bridge:  

    When there happened to be a train on it, Peyton and Ella would get so excited! No matter how cold it was, we'd have to roll down the windows and listen to it as we went under.

    We drove past a snowpal family that lived on a roof:

    I think that snowmen on the peak of a hard-to-reach roof is excellent proof that we lived in a college town.

    And we drove down long roads surrounded by barren, wintery trees:

    In the spring, the drive was bright and calming. 

    We drove down long roads surrounded by lush, green trees:

    Did you notice the last two pictures are the same road? In the spring, every time I would drive down this street, I would consciously take a deep, relaxing breath and admire this view.

    And we also drove over not-so-rushing river bridges:

    I loved that drive. I took pictures because I knew I would miss it. And I do.

    Now that I'm in California, I drive two kids to two different schools.

    Here's what I see when I drive to Ella's school:

    And to Peyton's school:

    You know, these views aren't too bad either.

    Free Swag Friday! Yay free swag day is here!

    Hey all got lots of swag for you today!

    **FREE Cinnabon-flavored Cream of Wheat sample. You can also print a $2 off coupon.

    **Barilla is offering a FREE Celebrity eCookbook through Share the Table. The book has favorite pasta recipes from Mario Batali, Meryl Streep, Jimmy Fallon, Martina McBride and more.

    **CareFRESH is offering a FREE sample of their Complete Pet Food for rabbits or guinea pigs.

    **Stop into The Limited, September 24th through 26th and they will hand you $10 in Fashion Cash to use in-store.

    ** Get a FREE Mountain High Yoghurt Window Sticker when you email marketing@MountainHighYoghurt.com. After you receive you sticker, take a picture of it on your car and upload that picture to the Mountain High Facebook Page to get a coupon for a FREE 32 ounce container of Mountain High Yoghurt. After you upload the picture you will need to email marketing@MountainHighYoghurt.com, letting them know you completed the offer.

    **(3) FREE Kotex samples: Security Tampons, Regular Maxi Pads and Thin Maxi Pads. These sample also come with a long liner sample.

    **Right @ Home is offering a FREE Quick Ready To Shine Gift Pack, with Windex and Pledge products.

    ** FREE GreenTea Hawaii sample. The offer is located on the right side of the page, about halfway down.

    ** FREE sample of Buxom Lash Mascara the Sephora in JCPenney stores with this printable coupon. Offer is good until 10/22 or while supplies last.

    Thanks for following and following and don't forget to enter my giveaways too and submit to my Holiday Guide! I really would love to hear ideas from my followers!

    Thanks again for following, enjoy these freebies, and have a great weekend!

    School of Rock - Get Your 'Free Week' at a Location Near you! - Review

    Does your child like to play a musical instrument or do Rock Out to their favorite tune when they think you aren't looking at them? Do they wish the could play an instrument or be in a rock band some day?

    Well if you have a kid that has those dreams, like mine does, then you will have to check out School of Rock! They can get your kid playing and rocking in no time.

    They can teach your child any of the following instruments: guitar, drums, keyboards, bass guitar or teach them how to belt their tunes by teaching them proper vocals. They have classes for every level of training and skill level so no child will be left out.

    What's your child's skill level?

    Rock 101: The Basics
    Just Starting Out


    Performance Program
    Established Player


    Camp Sessions
    For All Students


    All Stars
    Advanced Players


    Whatever level your child is, School of Rock will be great for them! Rock and roll is the heart and soul of what School of Rock does. They unleash talent and confidence in your children by allowing them to perform some of their favorite music. Their instructors live to play and play to live as they are all professional working musicians. This program is not just about playing an instrument, it's about playing on a team. The diversity of their students and music makes School of Rock and very unique and special program that you should definitely check out!

    The are offering a FREE WEEK to my readers! Yay you know we love free stuff on this blog!

    The free week Includes one private trial lesson (30-45 min) and one Rock 101 group class (90 min)! To redeem your free week call 866-371-0557 and use code SORBLOG
    Or you can go online to redeem this offer by Completing the online form on their site and input the SORBLOG code in the Questions/Comments field and the school will contact you directly.  Your Free week must be completed by Oct. 31, 2010 

    This Offer is only available at participating locations and is subject to scheduling and availability! Click the word LOCATION TO FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU!

    Feel free to follow School of Rock on Facebook: http://bit.ly/o2oSoRFB and School of Rock on Twitter: http://bit.ly/o2oSoRTwitter for more info!

    The School of Rock is the national leader in music education and has been teaching kids how to amaze audiences for more than ten years. 
    The school's mission is to inspire kids to rock on stage and in life! I hope you will take this opportunity to inspire your children and allow the to express themselves in an artistic way!

    Let's all Rock out together!

    Thanks for following my blog and for allowing me to share this info with you!

    **Disclaimer: I was not compensated or given anything to post this review and information. This post is part of a OneToOneNetwork campaign to help spread the word about the company mention.**

    Winners of kiboomu App!

    Hey all!

    So I wanted to announce the two winners of the Kiboomu Twinkle Twinkle Little Star App. There were supposed to be 10 winners but I only have 3 comments on this post. sigh. Regardless Congrats to my winners.

    julie sharwtz @waterbluffy on twitter


    Jennifer L. @Couponmomcanada  on twitter.

    Please send me a Direct Message either by the CONTACT ME button in the right side bar or on twitter @queenofswag4u with the country you are from (US or Canada) and your email address so that the sponsors can email you a  gift code to obtain your awesome App's.

    Thanks so much for entering and please continue to follow my blog and enter my other giveaways!

    Thanks to everyone for following my blog!

    Prim Sunflowers Tutorial

    This is a wonderful tutorial on making prim sunflowers.
    The site has a bunch of other things on it but scroll down to the bottom and check out this tutorial on Prim sunflowers .Found HERE