Patriotic Window Stars - Show and Tell

You can find my Patriotic Window Stars blog post here.

You can find the Patriotic Window Stars for sale here.

What the people are saying:

"Great projects - my kids are having tons of fun making these! Fast shipping and great customer service. Thanks!"

"SOOO Cute! I can't wait to use it with my kids. Will definitely be buying more soon!"

"Got my kits today, and I love them. Great packaging, and these will be crafts that we will be able to use as gifts and decorations, as opposed to doing them and throwing them away. The packaging of each kit is particularly neat--made my child really excited about doing a craft! Thanks for doing all the hard work!!"

Ella, 4 years old, and her Window Star

Ella, 4 years old, ("Ella, open your eyes and smile." "I AM!") and her finished star

Leaf Suncatcher Kit - Show and Tell

You can find my Leaf Suncatcher blog post here 
and the Leaf Suncatcher Party Kit blog post here.

You can find the Leaf Suncatcher for sale here.

What the people are saying:

"This was a fun project. My daycare children had a great time putting it together."

"Great craft activity for my son to take to school for his sharing day."

"My daughter loves everything. :) We made one of these and she was thrilled! Thank you for your fun kits!"

Ella, 3 years old, decorating her leaf suncatcher with sequins

Peyton, 5 years old, making his leaf suncatcher

Ella, 4 years old, and her leaf suncatcher

Christmas Tree Banner - Show and Tell

Look at all the great Christmas Tree Banner designs!

Peyton, 6 years old, and his rhinestone tree

Silly Peyton, 6 years old
and Silly Ella, 4 years old

Puppy Ella (so she says), 4 years old, and her button and sequin combo tree

Josh and his 2-minute tree

Noah, 4 years old, making his button tree

Sandi and Tom spending some quality time making their trees.

Hayden, 20 months old, making a tree with a little help from mom, Ali