How Princesses and Army Men Coexist

See if you can see the similarities between what Peyton and Ella dressed up as for Halloween...

Peyton - Green Army Man
Ella - Sleeping Beauty

And what I found the other day after they had been playing together quietly in Ella's room:

And just so you know, the Green Army Men are always the good guys and the Tan Army Men are always the bad guys. It's all so clear when you're 5.

I mean, c'mon! Does it get any cuter than army men positioned perfectly in the drawer of a ballerina jewelry box? No. It just doesn't.

The whole army man thing started last year. I took Peyton to Hobby Lobby to pick out decorations for his birthday party. He saw an Army Man party set and it was all over.

Peyton wanted me to take this next picture: "Watch out for the bomb!"

Those kids spend hours setting up and then blowing up each other's army men. And then playing doll house. And then shooting up more army men. At least they're learning how to take turns. And coexist peacefully. Relatively speaking.

I never pushed the boy/gun stuff or the girl/princess stuff with my kids. But it doesn't really matter, does it? They find it on their own.