New Lion and Lamb Party Favor Kit

So, this really awesome mom contacted me about making some Lion and Lamb Note Holder party favors for her son's 1st birthday. I love making party kits!

While I was in the middle of making her order (you can see the old version of the party favor here), I decided to switch up my party favor packaging a little. Because I'm ca-raaazy like that. I am so thrilled with how it all turned out! I LOVE IT! 

Here are the lions:

And the lambies:

And a little bit of a combo:

And the sweetest part - the back! All cute-ified and personalized for the birthday boy. SERIOUSLY. I LOVE IT!

Each birthday party guest gets to take one home! 

Are you noticing the color-coordinated yarn on each one? Because I love that part.

And, of course, I include a birthday message to be used as a table topper or birthday card:

And it is all wrapped up in a cute box to be opened before the party:

It's party time made simpler!