Hey all!

How many of you are familiar with the musical artist Yanni? I have beem listening to Yanni for some time now.  I remember I used to have a teacher when I was in grammar school who loved Yanni and that is how I was introduced to his music and I loved it from the moment I first heard it. I remember our teacher used to play it through the entire class and I would always look forward to that class. Yanni's music is always so relaxing to me and his new album, Truth of Touch is AMAZING!  The up tempo songs have a hypnotic feel to them and they do not fail to also have a calming effect on me.  His instrumental compilations are also amazing and have that signature Yanni sound. Those are my favorite tracks because those song types take me back to my childhood.

This is Yanni's first instrumental release of original compositions in over eight years and is a return to the genre Yanni helped create and advance. I'm so happy that he's sticking to his routes and the music sounds amazing for it!

“I work the rhythms in this album,” explains Yanni about the new material. “There is a beautiful complexity in these rhythms, a new sound design. I think the melodic content is very strong and very memorable. I was having fun with this album and that’s going to become apparent.”

Also in celebration of the album Yanni just launched a 40-date tour of the US! I would love to go! I hope he comes to my city!

See the this link Yanni Tour Dates to see if Yanni will be visiting a city near you! How about you? Do you love Yanni?

***Disclosure: I received a copy of Yanni Truth of Touch CD from One 2 One Network for this review. I am also now entered to win a Visa Gift Card for this post. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post. All opinions are my own.***