African Cats Movie Review!

Hey All!

I had the pleasure of seeing an advanced screening of Disneynature’s African Cats and I have to share with you my thoughts about this amazing documentary film. African Cats follows two main animal moms in the wild. Layla the lion, is one of the moms and is a seasoned hunter who is nursing numerous injuries. The lioness keeps on fighting for the benfit of her six month old cub and her pride in order for them to eat. The pair live in a large pride of ten to fifteen lions protected by one adult male named Fang. He rules over the land south of a river of the savanna. The other side of the river is ruled by the vicious Kali, a warrior with an epic mane and four sons who are set on claiming Fang’s territory. The crocodile-invested water is too high to cross which protects Fang and his pride from invasion. But it only protects them for so long.

Another mother who is a cheetah named Sita, struggles to protect her five helpless newborns from everything from Lions, hyenas, and other cheetahs. She desperately fights hyenas, other cheetahs, and out runs lions to protect her young. The plans she tries work mostly, but one night the cheetah heartbreakingly loses two of her cubs to hyenas. I shed a tear as you can see how adorable these cubs were in the picture below.

African Cats is really two heartbreaking stories within one film. From time-to-time, both families cross paths, but the trials of a Lila and Sita are very different. Being a cheetah means making your own way. Being a lion means pulling your own weight. It's a site to see how each mom fights to survive for their young and how each fights and plans to keep their young a live. It truly shows that the love of a mother and child transcends through out nature and is not just a human trait.

African Cats is very amazing to watch and it is really worth seeing what nature is like in the wild. It's very interesting to see and isn't disturbing to watch or graphic to watch. It's a great film for the who family to see as it would be a great learning film for kids.

I highly recommend it! I loved it and you and your family will love it as well.

***Disclosure: I only received a invite to see an advanced screening of this film. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any way for this post.***