Magnetic Pen Holder

Oh, Martha Stewart, you think you're so fancy with your vintage tins. And how you turn your fancy vintage tins into extra fancy refrigerator pen holders. And all I have is this old mint tin.

(Cue Beastie Boys) KICK IT! 

I took off the lid:

And measured out some paper to match my desktop organizer:

And Mod Podged away:

 And folded around:

Like so: 

I made little cuts in the corners and folded the top in:

And folded the bottom around: 

So it looked like this: 

And then I added some little beaded sticker embellishments:

And a magnet:

But that wimpy little magnet wasn't strong enough to hold the tin when it was holding pens. 
So I plastered the back of that sucker with magnet tape:

And it became the little tin that could:

I went all out and bought some extra fancy pens at the Dollar Tree:

And I put it next to my favorite little desktop organizer:

Vintage tin? I don't need no stinkin' vintage tin.

All I need is a used mint tin and my trusty crafting supplies!