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Art Project: Paper Box Lanterns
Post by annie
February 19, 2011
Wondering how you could re-use your seasonal holiday lights? I've noticed that even towards the end of February, many people in my neighborhood still have their decorative lights displayed. It certainly helps with the dark winter months so they don't really bother me. A spring-like solution: turn them into a magical string of lanterns, and you'll be sure to spruce up any porch, office or even a basement! This project is easiest to do with origami paper but use any paper you'd like, just make sure to pre-cut into perfect squares or the process will feel very frustrating. Here's a step-by-step instructon for making paper boxes:

How to Make a Simple Paper Lantern
1 Fold a piece of paper lengthwise and make a sharp crease. Use scissors to cut along the folded edge, starting and stopping about an inch away from the edges. Make as many cuts as you like, but be sure to make them evenly.
2 Unfold the paper. If you wish to add designs to the lantern, do so now. Consider gluing strips of ribbon down each cut-out, or paint a picture on the paper to add a different look.
3 Roll the lantern together, gluing the 1-inch edges together. Hold them in place with two paper clips until the project dries. Measure a length of a ribbon or fishing line and glue it to the top of the lantern so it can be hung.
4 Measure the diameter of your lantern and cut out a matching piece of thin cardboard. Be sure to include small tabs that you can glue to the lantern. Allow the project to dry again.
5 Place a small tap light with batteries on the cardboard base and turn it on. If you would prefer to use a candle for lighting, visit Candle Help's Web site for instructions on a different lantern. Consider making a few more lanterns to hang around your home, adding a little international flavor to your decor.

By Ned Gorski
Can mere mortals make sky lanterns?

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