HOT DEAL! & Locals Love You More & The 3/50 Project!

Hey all!

Did I mention how even more Fabulous Juice in the City is lately? In the spirit of national small business week, JITC is donating $1000 to the Locals Love You More Exclusive campaign by The 3/50 Project!

The Locals Love You More campaign was inspired by the Valentines Day promotion, "We Love You More." Created to span the entire year, Locals Love You More reminds consumers just how much more independent brick and mortar businesses pour back into their communities when compared to big boxes, national chains, and online-only retailers.

For more info on this amazing campaign and how you can contribute to small businesses just CLICK HERE!

Also don't forget the amazing deals going on over at Juice in the City right now! They have this amazing deal for Mommy and Daddy watches! These fabulous watches Would make a great gift for Fathers day!

For $25 Ultra Hip Watch from Modify! A $55 value! 


Moms love them. Dads love them. We love them. What are they? Modify Watches, straight out of Berkeley, are the ultimate in wrist style.  Psst, check out the green polka dots for yourself or the argyle blue for that special dude (ahem, Father's Day approaches!).

This deal gets you one face and two bands, each of your own color choice. The creative genius of Modify Watches is that you can mix and match the face and bands to create different looks. On a woman's wrist, the watches are larger, more bangle like, but still fit nicely (think large sunglasses, just for watches). On a man's wrist, the watches definitely appear smaller, but still noticeable and fun.

I got this deal and I highly recommend you get it too as there are only 300 of them and they will go fast!!!!

So CLICK HERE then head to the BAY AREA district to get this deal as well!

***Disclosure: I will be compensated for this post. I am also a member and affiliate of this deal site and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***