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Butteryfly rearing

How to Make a Butterfly House:

What You'll Need:
•Hand saw
•Pine lumber (6"x1/2"x7')
•Scrap of pine (8" wide)
•Pieces of tree bark or floral moss

Step 1: Cut pine boards to the following dimensions:
Two sides: 6"x18" (Cut the top at an angle so that one side is 18 inches long and the other side is 17 inches long.)
One back: 4-1/2"x18"
One front: 4-1/2"x17"
One bottom: 4-1/2"x6"
One top: 7"x7"

Step 2: Cut three 12-inch long slits in the front. Make the slits one inch wide, with one several inches higher than the other two. (See illustration above.) Nail the bark or moss to the back piece to give the butterflies something to cling to.

Step 3: Lay the back down, bark side up, and stand one of the side pieces up against it with the longer sides in back. Hold and nail in place. Do the same with the other side.

Step 4: Put the front in between the two side pieces and nail in place. Nail on the bottom and the top. Mount the house on a post in the shade.