Glass Garden Totem Lights

I have the pattern figured out but have not glued or staked.
What I really would like is to figure out how to put lights inside where I can change the light bulb.
I will post again when finished.
How to make
step 1
Collecting your glass pieces
Look for pieces that will stack well together and have a flat gluing surface on the bottoms.
This will help prevent water and air from getting inside once they are glued together and
it will help the totems look level when you have a flat gluing surface to work with.

step 2
Preparing the glass pieces
Clean all glass well with warm soapy water and make sure they are thoroughly dry
and lint free before gluing. I used a microfiber cloth to "polish" the glass before gluing.
You can use denture cleaning tabs for hard to clean vases (1-4 tabs per vase usually works).

step 3
Use a clear silicone glue or Lexel for best results.
Make sure the adhesive you use is weather resistant.
Glue up pieces in sections, letting each section cure before putting them all together as one piece.
Try gluing the pieces during low humidity to reduce condensation.

step 4
Displaying your totems
You can make free standing totems or use an upside down vase glued to the bottom
to mount them on poles. Copper is a popular choices, but with prices being so high
these days, I use PVC conduit pipe (the gray stuff in the home improvement stores).
You can paint it using a spray paint specifically for plastics to give it the look of copper or
any other color you may like. R…

step 5
Displaying them in your garden
They really sparkle in the sun and look great in the garden. The options are endless.