Chalk Board Paint Recipe

Instructions.Things You'll Need:
•Latex paint with a flat finish (amount will vary based on the painting project)
•Unsanded tile grout.
•Paintbrush, roller or a sponge
•Paint stirrer
•150 grit sandpaper
•Felt cloth
•Dampened towel or sponge
•Towels or rags

Step 1
Measure the flat finish latex paint and unsanded tile grout into a container.
See Tips for ratio of paint with other ingredients. Your project will dictate
how much chalkboard paint you need to make.
Step 2
Mix thoroughly using a paint stirrer, until they are very well blended and there are not any clumps.
Step 3
Apply the paint to the surface that you want to cover using a paintbrush,
roller or sponge. Make sure to allow the paint to thoroughly dry before applying another coat of paint.
Step 4
Sand each coat of paint gently, using 150 grit sandpaper.
Step 5
Wipe the dust away using a clean towel or rag. This will help to keep your chalkboard surface nice and smooth.
Step 6
Condition your new chalkboard by turning a piece of chalk sideways and
rubbing it over the entire surface of the chalkboard. Make sure that you cover the entire board with the chalk.
Step 7
Clean the chalk off the chalkboard using a soft felt cloth. Dampen the cloth with water and wipe off the chalkboard.

Tips & Warnings

The proportion ratio for the chalkboard paint:
1 part acrylic paint, 1/2 part glazing medium and 1/6 part of powder tile grout.
For example, measure 3 tsps. of paint, 1-1/2 teaspoons of glazing medium and 1/2 tsp. powder tile grout.
Another example is 6 tsp. of paint, 3 tsp. of glazing medium and 1 tsp. of powder tile grout..If you use a
magnetic primer under your chalkboard paint, the finished product will be a magnetic chalkboard..If you
are applying the chalkboard paint to a small area such as a section of a door, or message board, mix only
1 cup of paint, making more if needed. For larger areas, simply increase the amount of paint and un-sanded
tile grout proportionally.