Caterpillar Party Kit

I love making party favor kits! I just finished this Caterpillar Party Kit for a 3-year-old's birthday party and I'm so thrilled with how it turned out.

Just imagine the pride of 12 sweet little party guests creating 12 sweet little garden caterpillars. The cuteness!

So here we go!

Little supply bags for each guest:

(Since this party kit is for really little kids, I pre-painted the caterpillars' heads and tails and pre-cut the body circles for easier crafting. Because I want moms to like me.)

all filed neatly:

in a cute reusable box:

with a birthday message for the birthday girl that can be used as a table topper or birthday card:

all wrapped up in a brown paper package tied up with... ribbon (Did you totally start singing right there? I should have wrapped it with string in homage, but matching ribbon is much prettier. Sorry, Maria.)

ready to be opened and enjoyed!

It's party time made simpler!