Pumpkin Time!

This year we went to a pick-your-own pumpkin patch!

This place is a pick-your-own bonanza - pumpkins, apples, and, during the summer, all sorts of berries.

We've come a long way from the pumpkin patches in California. As in, oh look! An actual patch! Of pumpkins! And they're not piled on top of hay that is scattered on top of asphalt in a big strip mall parking lot. They're on ACTUAL VINES in an ACTUAL FIELD! Who knew?

Obviously not us. Because when we stopped by the cashier hut before heading out to the field, James asked the man if we needed any tools to cut the pumpkins off the vines. He looked at us like we were idiots. Turns out, the pumpkins just pull right off! Geez man!

So we started at the bottom of this field:

We got about 10 feet in and James said, "Hey, Ella, how about this pumpkin?"

And she was like, "Yeah! It's cold! Let's go in the car!"

So they grabbed her pumpkin and a few more on the way (because it was buy 1, get 1 free day! Heck yeah!) and drove around to the other side of the field and waited while Peyton and I looked for our perfect pumpkins.

Do you see our Blazer? That teeny, tiny, little blue and white speck at the top of the field? I found my perfect giant HEAVY pumpkin right away. Next time, I'll wait until I'm much, much, closer to the car to pick the perfect giant HEAVY pumpkin. Dear Lord! That was a long way to carry that stupid thing.

Peyton searched and searched and searched:

We hiked through that entire pumpkin patch and got to the car and he still hadn't found his perfect pumpkin. So we gave him a couple choices and made him pick one. Sometimes it's hard to be a perfectionist. Sweet little boy.

Then we went apple picking. We searched the rows for our favorite apples:


I loved hearing those sweet little voices: "Twist and pull!"

"Twist and pull!"

"Twist and pull!"

Back at home, here's my pumpkin and Peyton's pumpkin, hanging out on front porch:

The pumpkins Ella and James scooped up on the way back to the car are in the living room:

But Ella insisted on sleeping with hers on her Tinker Bell table in her room. Because she's the cutest girl ever:

Yay for pumpkin time!