Predictions Via the Cell Phone

Ella: "Yay! My cell phone! I need to call the police. Now be quiet."

(Dials out loud) "459-795-382-0"

"Hello? Hello?"

(Closes phone) "They hang-ed up."

Me: "Why don't you call again?"

Ella: "Okay, I'm going to call them."

(Dials out loud) "321-470-852-369-06"

"Yeah, hello."

(Listens for a moment) "What time is our house going to caught on fire?"

(Hangs up)

Me: "What did they say?"

Ella: "He said it's going to be snowy on Sunday. He said our house is going to be on fire on Thursday."

Me: "Did the police say what to do if our house is on fire?"

Ella: "Crawl and if the door is cold then we can open it and call the police and go in the police car but we won't go in jail."

Me: "Oh, good. Because I don't want to go to jail."

Ella: "Me neither!"