Buzzy Bee Bouquet Kid Kit

Yay! I just finished my Buzzy Bee Bouquet Kid Kit. The kit makes the cutest non-stingingest little buzzy bee you will ever see! I totally just made up that word: non-stingingest. Could you tell? 
Anyway, now we have three of these bees in our house. Peyton and Ella carry them from room to room and doorknob to doorknob. Sometimes they take out the flowers and fill the bees with more important stuff, like foam letter stickers and broken crayons. 

I had assumed the Buzzy Bee Kit would be used to make a pretty little bouquet decoration somewhere around the house. Or maybe as a way for you to score some bonus points when your precious child makes one for Grandma. I never really thought to use one as a storage container, but there you go.