Mini Mummy Kid Kit

This Mini Mummy Kid Kit is the first craft kit I've made that is for kids AND adults. I love these mummies. They are really easy to make and so adorable! And, unlike real mummies, they won't try to eat your brain. Bonus!

Peyton and Ella love the mummies that they made:

Apparently, their mummies are a mommy and a daddy, and they talk like this:
"Hi! I'm Mommy!"
"Hi! I'm Daddy!"
"Do you want to go to the store?"
"Yeah! Let's go!"

We lead such interesting lives around here. It must be very inspiring to the mummies. You know, way more interesting than slowly chasing humans around while making the "uhhhhhhh...." sound.

Behind the Crafting (It's like Behind the Music, but way cooler):

You should have seen me working on the mummy "set." It took me an hour to put it all together. I really wanted a spooky background, but I didn't have anything little enough to fit the scene. Since the mummies are only about 7 inches tall, I had to do some constructing and set decorating on my own. I made the coffin with some leftover flowered scrapbook paper, sharpie marker and tape. I strung up the spiderwebs with tape that I attached to my filing cabinet and a plastic chair that I perched atop my treadmill. Watch out for the dinosaur! What a glamorous life I lead.

I know, I should totally use this as my entrance form to Design Star. "Yeah, I can design, check out my blog!"


Happy Crafting!