Wonder Pets Theme Song

I totally remember, back in the day, when Ella started singing along with her favorite TV shows: Caillou, Wonder Pets, The Wiggles. Oh my goodness, hearing my sweet little baby girl sing in her sweet little baby girl voice was pure heaven. So, so sweet.

And still, I love hearing her sing, but now it's a little different. Because now she likes to infuse her own style into everything she does.

Let's take the Wonder Pets theme song, for example. You may think these are the intro lyrics. Nope.
Here are the real lyrics, as sung by my darling daughter:

Wonder Pets! 
Wonder Pets! 
We're on our POOP! 
To help a friend 
And save the POOP! 
We're not too big 
And we're not too POOP 
But when we work together 
We've got the right POOP! 
Go, Wonder Pets, POOOOOOP!