Because We Don't Enforce Proper Dinner Etiquette

So we're in the middle of eating dinner. Ella declares, "Be right back!" She jumps off her chair and disappears into her room. A few seconds later she emerges:


And a moment later Peyton leaves the table. He returns:

Bam! I know, he's totally in his own gang in this picture.
West Siiiide!

As punishment we made them go outside with empty pillowcases. And in order to come back in, they had to say, "I'm crazy diaper-head! Gimme some candy!" again and again until James and I fell over laughing.

Okay, maybe it's not really punishment, it's more like Dinner and a Show. You just can't beat that kind of free entertainment.

So then, the next day, Ella comes out of her room with a diaper on her head. Again. It's the new fashion from her fall line:

I mean, what are you supposed to do when your kid looks THIS CUTE with a diaper on her head?

Let her wear it, that's what you do.