4th of July Window Stars Kid Kit

Just in time for Independence Day! This 4th of July Window Stars Kid Kit is fun to make and so patriotic! And since the kit actually makes 3 stars, you can make it with up to 3 kids! Of course, if your kids are like mine they'll be fighting over the red star. Because "That's the best color!" Silly Mommy.

It's a simple craft of cutting and gluing, but the results are stunning! My kids really enjoyed mixing the glue with a little water and "painting" it on the wax paper. I guess glue is extra special if it's mixed with water! And they loved sprinkling the little confetti stars on top.

I think the completed Window Stars look best when they are hung in a nice little Red, White, and Blue row. My kids think they look best hung willy-nilly all over the house. You know, like the 4th of July threw up it's favorite colors in here. Oh well...