Sure, They Look Sweet...

Two times we have let Ella pick out her own doll from the toy section at Target. Both times she fell in love with motion sensitive dolls that make some sort of noise and movement. Watching my little girl in her car seat on the way home cuddling a new baby and saying, "Thank you so much for my baby, Mommy, I love her!" is one of the best feelings ever in the entire world. The first one she named Purple Baby. The second one she named Crawling Baby. Because she's totally original like that.

Since the babies make noise, we insist that they are turned off at bedtime, otherwise Ella would play with them all night. She's usually pretty good about accepting this. But on more than one occasion I have gone into her room in the morning to have a purple doll unexpectedly babble and scare the freakin' crap out of me. It's more of a maniacal laughter than a babble, but whatever, Ella loves them so much. So I'm trying to get over the fact that the other day, when I was alone with Purple Baby, she moved suddenly and and I jumped about 4 feet in the air. And when I went to turn her off she said, "Mama," but I know what she really meant was, "My name is Talky Tina, and you'd better be nice to me."

And then, late one night, I walked in to check on my sweet baby girl. What do you see?

Do you see my sweet little girl cuddling with a sweet little purple baby? Because I'll tell you what I see. I see Talky Freakin' Tina from The Twilight Zone attacking my daughter! And I would have taken that doll out and put it in the trash, but I've seen the Living Doll episode enough times to know better. So instead I snapped a picture for proof (in case Purple Baby decides that she doesn't think she likes me) and slowly backed out of the room.

And that, my internet friends, is just one of the ways The Twilight Zone has scarred me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I dedicate this post to my Mom, who I'm pretty sure forced me to watch The Twilight Zone as punishment when I was a child. I guess that's one way to parent. Thanks, Mom.