Fish Aquarium Kid Kit

Every once in a while I decide that a certain kid kit needs to be revamped. This week's winner was my Fish Aquarium Kit. It still has the same basic materials: sand, shells, seaweed, etc., but I wanted this version to include some more of the supplies that were needed. So now, you only need to supply scissors and a crayon (if your child wants to draw a fish mouth). 

We all know that kids need lots of scissor practice, so my new version comes with pre-printed scrapbook paper for easy cutting. Your child will just need to follow the lines to cut out the fish parts. The shapes are relatively simple: ovals, triangles, and trapezoids, and I just think it adds extra charm when you can tell that a child did the cutting. But for the younger children who haven't quite learned to use scissors, I also offer pre-cut shapes because I'm super nice like that. And I even include a little cheat sheet so you can teach your child the proper names of the fins without having to look them up on Google, like I did. See that? I do ALL the hard work! :)

I love this craft because it incorporates lots of child-crafting techniques: painting, gluing, cutting, and arranging. And the end result is bright and colorful and so darn cute! 

Even though Ella had made a Fish Aquarium the first time around, when she saw the materials out again she wanted to make another "Fishy Quarium." Here's her new one:

She's so proud of her little fishies!