Garden Caterpillar Kid Kit

How can you not love this little guy? He's so colorful and cute! My new Garden Caterpillar Kid Kit makes two caterpillars, so you can let one roam free-range style in your home AND stick one straight up in an indoor plant or in your garden. 

And cutting out the craft foam circles is great scissor practice for kids. Uneven circles just add extra charm! And of course we know kids love to paint, too! If you are working with a really young child and want to skip a few steps, I can easily paint the caterpillar heads and tails and/or cut out the body circles for you. Because I am super nice like that.

I always make my own kids be my craft guinea pigs. For the most part, they love doing crafts. The problem is that the craft that I end up producing is not always the first draft. And by the time I'm saying, "C'mon kids! Let's take pictures of your 15th caterpillar for my blog!" they are past the point of trying to impress me with their modeling abilities. So today when it was THAT TIME AGAIN, Peyton pulled out the ottoman, struck a pose, and declared, "Take my picture like this, Mommy!" And then he made me wait a moment so that he could compose himself and stop smiling to make this face:


I know, right? Watch out, Zoolander. I think your Blue Steel may have just been replaced.

And then Peyton cracked up and Ella jumped into the frame with her caterpillar and all hell broke loose. There was really no point in trying to take the standard "Show the people how proud you are of your cute craft" picture. They didn't seem to care about that. I think they feel that making 15 bazillion caterpillar crafts should be enough. Whatever.


Ummm.... Yeah. So buy my kit!