My New Niece!

I would like to introduce Hayden Marie Richardson! 

She was born March 12th and she's beautiful and healthy!  I haven't met her yet, because she's in California, but of course I love her already. How could I not? Check out that sassy look she has. She is not messing around. 

Proud Dad Josh (my brother):

He's a firefighter for LA county and almost didn't make it to baby Hayden's birth. He got "the call" from my sister-in-law, Ali, and raced to the hospital as fast as possible in rush-hour traffic. So, yeah, it took him like 3 hours to get there! Luckily, Hayden decided to wait for her daddy. Five minutes (FIVE!) after Josh arrived in the delivery room, Hayden was born.

Beautiful Mom Ali (my sister-in-law):

I know what you're thinking -  I wish I looked that good after I gave birth to my kids, too! Geez Ali! No need to look so beautiful when YOU JUST PUSHED OUT A KID for crying out loud!  

Here's Josh, Ali, and new big brother, Noah. Isn't he just a cutie?

Ali, Josh, Noah, and Hayden: I love you guys so much! Hugs and Kisses and Congratulations!

Ali and Josh: Here's to hoping your kids don't bicker as much as mine do! Good luck with that suckas!

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