About Me

My name is Darcy. My husband, James, and I have been married for 8 years. We have two monkey children: Peyton, who is 6 years old, and Ella, who is 4 years old. A little over two years ago we up and moved from California to Iowa just to try out something new. It really is amazing here and it's quite an adventure.

I am a night owl. In my dream world I would go to bed at 2 am and get up at 11 am.

I am addicted to lip balm. I have Burt's Bees lip balm stashed away in almost every room of my house, and in my car, and in my purse.

I don't like to exercise, but I try to do it anyway. There could be no lazier person walking on a treadmill than me. I only walk fast enough so that I don't feel guilty about not working out.

If I don't have coffee in the morning I am not happy.

I love to take pictures. I am my children's personal paparazzi.

Sometimes the love I feel for my children makes me feel like I could just explode with happiness. Sometimes my children drive me crazy.

I make and sell craft kits for kids. I love creating fun things for kids and their parents to do together.

I am terrified of bees and wasps.

I love the thunderstorms in Iowa.

I love my family.